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by mDuo13 @2011-08-14, 10:46pm

´╗┐ReVamped Site, 1st Status Update

I've created this blog as a means of tracking and relaying update information about the game to various people who are involved or just interested in its development. The links mostly don't work yet, but I'm working on them.

Current development progress:

Script Length:
1404 lines (will shrink temporarily as I eliminate blank lines)
Chapters Written:
#1-2 almost complete, #3-6 not started.
BGM Tracks Used/Composed:
Characters Designed:
2 done, 1 in progress
by mDuo13 @2011-08-14, 10:33pm

´╗┐About Revamped

Welcome to ReVamped's website! ReVamped is an amateur visual novel about vampires, war, and history, set in around 400 A.D. The game has been in planning or development, in some form or other, since 2003, though not continuously. ReVamped's main features are:

  • A unique story, that weaves vampires and a love story into a fictionalized version of historical events. The script is already over 1400 lines long.
  • A complete, 30-song soundtrack by amateur composers Tyler Heath and OverCoat.
  • All-original character art by Lisu.